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Using Facebook Events 

To Promote Your Business

Facebook has recently changed their emphasis to now focus on what Friends and Family share 

over what businesses advertise. 

When an Event is posted, Friends of the business posting the Event will share it with their friends and family which creates a virtual word of mouth with very little action needed -- other than showing an interest in an Event.

These changes make it easier for potential customers to find and interact with local businesses and is, in fact, a direct challenge to Google Local.

Introducing Facebook Events Promotions

Any local business can take advantage of Facebook Local and leap ahead of their competition 

if they use the right techniques.

What a Facebook Local App looks like:

The Facebook Local App provides to its users:

· New things to do right now

· Catch up on updates from their Friends

· Events, places and things to do nearby

· Searches for upcoming even

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Below are examples of various events that restaurants feature to attract new customers

Below are some events featured by other local businesses.

Fix It Friday

This event was created for a repair shop that repairs phones, game consoles, ipads and computers. Sometimes businesses think that there are no events that they can do, but that is not true, you just need to be creative!

There were 27 responses. Now, those 27 people that responded that they are either going or are interested, their response gets posted on their personal newsfeed. When it is in their newsfeed, their friends and family will see their interest in the event! 

Now, out of curiosity, their friends and family will want to see what their friend is interested in and will checkout the event themselves. If they are in the area, there is a high probability that they will attend the event as well since their friend will be going as well. This is the power of word of mouth marketing. 

With a typical Facebook user, when they post something in their newsfeed, it will be seen by about 200 of their friends and family. They are now acting as an “underground” marketing team on behalf of the business. 

Let’s do the math…

27 responses x 200 friends = 5,400 people saw this event promotion 

That is HUGE! The event is getting spread on its own as a “viral” event! That is the power of Facebook event marketing!

Bob Marley Birthday Celebration

A restaurant at a resort was hosting a special celebration of Bob Marley’s Birthday with a live band as well as bar and dessert specials all night. Although the restaurant is part of a resort, it is open to the public.

The promotion reached 7.9k people and 413 looked at the event page.

Before the spike was the business trying to do the event themselves, but there were many errors. The event image was the wrong size, the description was only one sentence and no targeted promotion. Then our team fixed what they did and there was a dramatic increase.

The spike in responses occurred when our team took over the event, fixed it and did a targeted promotion.

Out of the 413 people that looked at the event, 133 responded that they were going, or they were interested. This is HUGE!

This means that the friends and family of the 133 people that responded see that they are interested in the event. Once someone indicates that they are going or are interested, it shows up in their newsfeed!

Based on a typical Facebook user, their response will be seen by approximately 200 of their friends and family. They are the businesses “undercover” marketing team.

133 responses x 200 friends = 26,000 potential customers saw this promotion. This shows the power of viral event marketing!

Yoga Studio

This yoga studio created an event to attract new customers. Since it was just posted there hasn't yet been any results. 

Any local business can improve the number of people coming to their location by using Facebook events such as seen on this page.

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