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Why Use Video Marketing?

Video and marketing go together like ham and eggs.

In today's world, people look for solutions to their problems on the internet. They use social media, blogs, websites, video streaming services, and more. 

Videos account for more than 90% of all consumer internet traffic. Shorter videos, less than 2 minutes long, get the most engagement. In fact, the most watched videos are less than 60 seconds.

Here are just a few of the highlights of videos:

Did You Know?

The average online user's attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Videos help deliver marketing messages more effectively in less time, while also striking an emotional chord through visual and auditory storytelling elements not available in text.

Video Marketing Quick Facts

Some Examples of Explainer Videos:

This video, alone, produced $243,000 in one year in online sales.

This video transformed an attractive website, of a travel agency, that had been producing nothing, into a dynamo …Easily measurable results by the number of requests for the book (and raves afterward) both by phone and email and an estimated increase by 40% of booked travel directly attributable to the video offer of a free book. Tarver Digitech can produce BOTH the video AND the e-book for your business! (and even publish it in a paper version if you like).

The owner Anita K. using Tarver DigiTech’s SEO partner, brought her website, featuring her small storefront business in Portland, Oregon to a first-place position on Google PLUS attaching this video not only transformed the business into a thriving, continuous high-traffic-flow enterprise, but she also credits the video for the sale of the business after only 3 years, getting a whopping 38 X return on her initial investment.

We included this video because it was the transformation of our own
website ...AND it changed the course of Tarver DigiTech forever.

It got such crazy results that we REALLY BECAME BELIEVERS in custom-video marketing.

This video may not agree with your taste, but that's not the point; the
POINT is that it did align with enough business people who took us
seriously and came to us with an idea and voilà a huge segment of the custom-video market now belongs to Tarver DigiTech BECAUSE OUR EXPLAINER VIDEOS GET RESULTS!

Even though this video isn't an Explainer Video is the type of video that can make a HUGE difference in your Facebook page. 

Facebook has so many posts and videos that it is extremely difficult to get people to watch YOUR video. We call this a "Scroll Stopper" because that is exactly what it is designed to do... stop people from scrolling and actually watch your video!

It gets some amazing results and we KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT! 

Click Below for More Video Examples

More Video Examples

What Is a FaceBook (FB) OPTIMIZER?

Take your Facebook cover to the next level...FB OPTIMIZE IT!

An enticing Facebook video cover will change curious visitors into devoted fans.

Why use a Facebook cover video? If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million.

Using a Facebook cover video is the ideal occasion to turn some heads and get viewers to stick around.

Click the image below to watch this short video:

Here Are Some FB OPTIMIZER Examples

FB OPTIMIZE Your Facebook Page Now!

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You Have An Awesome Logo...

Now Bring It To LIFE 

with Tarver Digitech's


If your logo is worth having, it's worth bringing to LIFE!

Studies reveal: An animated logo is remembered almost 8 times longer!

LOGO-MOTION by Tarver Digitech – The little engine that could, would and did!

Here Are Some LOGO-MOTION Examples

LOGO-MOTION Your Logo Now!

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Remember, our President and CEO, Doug Ferguson has a passion for helping local businesses increase sales leads and/or bring an influx of NEW local clients, customers, or patients into your store, office, or clinic.

He would love for you to schedule a consulting call, with him... absolutely no charge! Don't miss out on fifty years of marketing experience!

He ordered this next 40-second video to make the point that, HE CAN'T HELP YOU IF YOU DON'T TALK TO HIM!

Even if you don't know quite what to say, schedule the appointment and he'll get you relaxed and talking about your business and then he'll send you a printed proposal about his NO RISK, JOINT VENTURE APPROACH. 

Watch JAWS (the video below) for 40 seconds, you'll be glad you did!

Click the image below to watch the video:

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