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Is LOCAL Cause Related Marketing (CRM) in your future?

Some marketing experts are predicting it will be the fastest growing segment of the local business market.

“Cause Related Marketing” is a powerful tool for getting recognition and automatically attracting new customers effortlessly while merely supporting a local charity that has (or should have) your heart.

Most local businesses and charities miss out on the power that CRM can provide because they concentrate on donations.

By supporting, we’re not talking about writing a check... that doesn’t provide any sustaining value. 

Contact us today and find out why Tarver Digitech is one of the leading-edge experts in this rapidly growing field – and find out how you and a local charity can both profit in a big way by entering into a joint venture that brings attention to both the good the charity is doing in the community and an added boost to your bottom line.

CRM is often only thought of as a vehicle for huge, well-known nonprofits, such as American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, and dozens more. The supporters for these charities are also seen as just the giant corporations like AT&T, Nike, Verizon, etc.

As a result, smaller local businesses don't see themselves as candidates for CRM. 

But this is totally wrong!

The fact is that Red Cross, American Cancer Society and other large charities perform a wonderful service globally and local consumers may be motivated to donate. But there’s no feeling of loyalty involved, nor does it prompt the requisite emotional response to make a purchase.

Not so with what we call Local CRM Matching. We’re good at it and it’s a free service for you and for the charity. It’s our way of giving back.

Watch this video and let us help you launch your entry into something that will BOTH make you feel good (because you're doing good) AND automatically boost sales and profits.

How Consumers Feel & Act

One of the things that will help you transition into a more CRM slanted business is to realize how consumers feel about companies they perceive whose interest and care go beyond only making a profit and demonstrate social responsibility. 

When given a choice between two companies that engaged in cause related marketing and offered similar products, surveys showed 70% said "personal relevance of cause" was the reason they chose one company over the other.

These surveys also revealed that 76% of consumers feel it is acceptable for companies to support good causes and make money at the same time.

How are we helping?

The exciting element to a local business being appropriately matched to a local charity is that when the match is perceived as authentic, rather than contrived for the sake of appearance, it has proven to build customer loyalty and boost sales and profits as well as bringing in more volunteers and donors to the charity.

How do you accomplish this authenticity?

The answer is that you don’t accomplish it, but rather you become authentic because you get passionately involved in a non-profit that serves an easily identified and specific local purpose in which you deeply believe.

Part of how we help you is in our free consulting approach. We also serve as a liaison between you and the nonprofit without charge to either.

Why do we do this?

We don’t do it to get business. We do it because we are passionate about helping local businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. And because we have a variety of excellent products and services that help small businesses attract business in some amazing ways. These products and services sell themselves once businesses become aware of them.

In other words we understand the nature of being purpose driven and how it has boosted our own business AUTOMATICALLY. We’re authentic because we believe in doing it! 

Further, because we believe in being visionary entrepreneurs, it’s fun to help other business owners understand the value of transforming their image to community-service oriented by BEING community-service oriented. That’s authenticity (if a bit redundant).

We also believe in supporting local charities because they contribute to the well being of the community they serve... your community!

When we reach out to show local nonprofits how having a partnership with a local business that is willing to do simple things, such as include references to the nonprofit in advertising and encouraging customers and employees to volunteer to participate in local events, they begin to see business in a whole different light.


Transforming Your Business

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