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Doug Ferguson, long time business and market expansion consultant is the President and CEO of Tarver Digitech.

Among Doug’s previous corporate positions, President Local Yellow Page Advertising Corporation, the director of agencies of a nationwide life insurance company and former head of sales and marketing for a multi-modal transportation firm.

Doug is a published author, both under his “legal” name and under the pseudonym Brad Cullen. There are still a number of Brad Cullen books listed for sale on Amazon.

Doug is co-founder of two private, nonprofit organizations and actively involved in both.

Jack Stacey has many years experience as owner of and running local businesses in the Portland, Oregon area. For many years, Jack had employed Doug’s sales and advertising consulting for a variety of his companies.

Alecia’s past record with companies such as Apex, Comcast, Equity Group International, and others, has demonstrated her excellent management and selling strengths. Her ability to ask penetrating questions and her uncompromising passion for helping local entrepreneurs and companies succeed, along with a clear vision for accomplishing it, is exceptional.

Doug, Alecia and Jack have a strong belief in the importance of teamwork and follow-through to help local companies achieve success. That is the premise upon which Tarver DigiTech was established and continues to operate.

The entire Tarver DigiTech team are passionate about working closely with local business owners to help them promote their companies, protect their online reputation, and attract and bring in new customers using cutting-edge digital techniques. Doug also provides his long experience as a consultant without charge with a joint venture approach to help local companies achieve their objectives.

Partnering with some of the giants in the industry, allows Tarver DigiTech to provide groundbreaking services that can help both new and established local businesses get dramatic increases in profitable sales revenue.

GreenBanana SEO is one of the giants in the SEO arena and provides a true pay for performance search engine optimization, which means that you won't pay until your website is ranked on Google's first page, using keywords of your choosing.

GotU is another of the giants with whom Tarver DigiTech partners and one of the few companies that has won the Facebook Innovation Spotlight Award which Facebook only awards to those companies that have proven themselves to be identified as game-changing innovators in the advertising industry. They offer a money-back guarantee to put your Facebook ads in front of your target audience at least six times every month.

Tarver DigiTech has recently been acknowledged as one of the leading experts in CRM (Cause Related Marketing) for local businesses and local charities - helping strengthen the backbone of the American economy. This is accomplished by encouraging owners of local businesses not to merely donate to charities (which provides little sustaining value) but rather to involve themselves in more meaningful ways with local nonprofits. These are charities in whose works the local business owners deeply believe and that provide direct benefits to the communities to which their companies provide service. That also encourages more involvement by employees and customers to volunteer for jointly sponsored local events.

This collaborative effort provides higher visibility, as well as financial support, for the nonprofit while producing recognition and customer loyalty for the business by being community-service oriented.

Scroll through the various services using the menu at the top of this website and you'll be sure to find one or more methods to improve your business in exciting and innovative ways.

Isn't it time for you to team up with a company that will take your business to the next level and beyond on a guaranteed or no-cost-to you basis?

That should be an offer that any sensible business person would find difficult to refuse … AND, as Doug is fond of saying, “If you won’t talk to me, I can’t help you, let’s talk.”

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Doug Ferguson, 

CEO & President

Tarver DigiTech

Alecia Landers, 

Vice President & Dir. of Sales

Tarver DigiTech

Jack Stacey, 

CFO & Co-Founder

Tarver DigiTech